Reconstructing how women deacons were ordained – Several Models

Together with Catholic movements for the ordination of women in different parts of the world our website has begun to stage reconstructions/dramatizations
of the ancient rite of the ordination of women deacons.
The simple model– the illustrated lecture style.
It is based on the reconstruction we held at Hobart, organised by the Ordination of Catholic Women – Australia, on Saturday the 23rd of November 2002. We present the full script and photographs to show how it was done.
The longer and more solemn model– the celebratory style.
This was the impressive celebration orchestrated by the Catholic Women’s Ordination of the UK, at St.James’s Church, Piccadilly, on the 18th of January 2003.
Other adaptations. See, for instance, how the reconstruction was celebrated in Bristol, UK, on the 31st of May 2003.
We hope that our groups and movements on local, diocesan and national level will re-enact the ordination rite too. The material we present will give you ideas on how you can realise the same in your own situation. Please, contact us, both for advice if you need it, and especially to report on how you reconstructed the rite.