The Synod of Vannes

Province of Lyons, Gaul
465 AD

translation by John Wijngaards

Source: Mansi VII, 553
Canon 4. Eas etiam, quae virginitatem professae et benedictionem fuerint per manus impositionem sub contestatione huius propositi consecutae, si fuerint in adulterio deprehensae , cum adulteris ipsarum arcendas a communione censemus. Canon 4. “We are of the opinion that those women who vowed virginity and [those] who obtained ordination by the imposition of hands on professing the vow, if they are caught in adultery, should, together with the men they committed adultery with, be banned from communion.”

Comment: ‘Blessing‘ with the imposition of hands is always ordination. The Canon therefore speaks about two categories of women: (a) women who vowed chastity and (b) women deacons for whom the vow of celibacy was a condition. See about this also the Council of Macon.