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Canons of the Second Synod of Orléans

533 AD

Translation by John Wijngaards

Source: MANSI VIII, 837
Canon 17. Faeminae, quae benedictionem diaconatus hactenus contra interdicta canonum acceperunt, si ad coniugium probantur iterum devolutae , a communione pellantur. Quod si huiusmodi contubernium ab episcopo cognito errore dissolverint, in communionis gratiam acta penitentia revertantur. Canon 17: “Women who have so far received the ordination [lit. blessing] to the diaconate against the prohibitions of the canons, if it can be proved that they have returned to matrimony, should be banned from communion. But if they have given up this living together after they have acknowledged their error in front of the bishop, let them return to the grace of communion after fulfilling a penance.”
Canon 18. Placuit etiam, ut nulli postmodum faeminae diaconalis benedictio pro conditionis huius fragilitate credatur. Canon 18. “It has pleased us to decree that from now on the diaconal ordination [lit. blessing] should not be imparted to any woman, because of the weakness of her [female] condition [= nature].”

Note: the ‘diaconal ordination’ literally: the ‘diaconal blessing’.