Introduction to the Work of Women Deacons – Past and Present

Women deacons – an introduction

Women were ordained deacons. An article by John Wijngaards in The Tablet, May 1999.

Tasks of women Deacons

A Woman Deacons apostolate

A woman’s supervisory role in the assembly

Women’s service at the altar

 Women Deacons in Late Antique Gaul

Women saints who were deacons

The Ordained Women Deacons – book by John Wijngaards

List of resource texts published in the above book.

Reviews of “No women in Holy Orders?”  (an earlier edition of John Wijngaards  book)

Present day women called to the diaconate

Testimony of Maria Angelika Fromm (publ.1998)

Testimony of Moya St.Leger  (publ. in The Tablet, June 1991)

Women Deacons. Goodwill gestures, by Moya St.Leger,  (publ. in the Catholic Herald, Aug. 1990).

Women and Ordination – Time for a dialogue,  by Moya St.Leger (publ. in Priests and  People, 1992)

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