The Hadrianum Sacramentary 786 AD

reconstruction of the rite for ordaining women deacons found in it

Charlemagne (768 – 814) obtained from Pope Adrian I in 786 a sacramentary which the king prescribed as a model for all bishops in Gaul. Since the sacramentary is ultimately ascribed to Gregory the Great, Adrian’s sacramentary become known as the Gregorianum. However, scholars now call Adrian’s sacramentary the Hadrianum and distinguish it from the Proto Gregorian.
We have five manuscripts that derive from the Hadrianum.
Three were transcribed for bishops in Cambrai, Paris and Lotharingia (the Leofric). See yellow dots in map on the right.
One may be for the South of France (Lyons?) and another was later found in Passau (now Germany).francecharlemagne

Prayer for the ordination of women deacons in the Hadrianum

as inferred from evidence found in these five sacramenaries

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 1. Prayer to make a woman deacon

 The word ‘diacona’ is ancient. Later the word ‘diaconissa’ (deaconness) became common.
 2. “Hear, O Lord, our petition and send down on this your maidservant here the Spirit of your ordination so that, since you have conferred on her your heavenly office, she may obtain favour with your majesty and may present to others the example of a good life. Through. “ The ancient ordination prayer – EXAUDI . More information here.