First Synod of Dvin (in Armenia 527 AD)

by John Wijngaards

The Church in Armenia was founded by the Greeks. Part of its area belonged to the Byzantine empire. Later, at the Second Synod of Dvin (554) it would officially become Monophysite, i.e. it would refuse to accept the human as well as the divine nature in Christ. The following canon, decreed when the Armenians were still in communion with the world Church, confirms the ministry of ordained women deacons among them.

Canon 17. During the administering of baptism, [ordinary] women may not serve as if they were women deacons.[1]


1. ‘Lors de l’administration du Baptême, les femmes ne doivent pas servir en qualité de diaconesses’; C.J. van Heferle and H.Leclerq, Histoire des conciles, vol.II, Paris 1908, p.1078