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Barberini gr. 336 Manuscript – Greek Text

Greek Text

To save space, we are only reproducing here the texts concerning the ordination of women deacons.
(To see the text click on each individual title.)
Photocopies from the original manuscript:
folium 169 verso, folium 170 recto,  folium 170 verso,  folium 171 recto,  folium 171 versofolium 172 recto

Photocopies of the transscription by Jean Morin (Commentarius [sic!]
de Sacris Ecclesiae Ordinationibus
, publ. Kalverstraat, Antwerp 1695; here pp. 55 – 57.)
part one,  part two,  part three,  part four,  part five

The transscription by Stefano Parenti & Elena Velkovska, L’Eucologio Barberini Gr. 336, Bibliotheca
«Ephemerides Liturgicae Subsidia» no 80, Edizioni Liturgiche, Roma 2000.
For the text here published, see pp. 170-174.
from page 172,     page 173,     from page 174,

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