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The Deaconess of Capua

The deaconess of Capua

from The Life of Saint Nilus Junior which Bartholomew,
Abbot of Grottaferrata (near Rome), wrote around 1050 AD

(St Nilus lived from 910 to 1005 AD.)

translation by John Wijngaards

Source: Migne, Patres Graeci 120,134

Caput XII. Cum vir sanctus . . . oppidum ingressus esset, currebant omnes per vias ut venerandum eius vultum inspicerent, et fierent benedictionis eius participes.Inter illos fuit diaconissa quaedam monasterio praeposita cum suo presbytero juvene et robore floridae aetatis vigente, quae virgines sibi subditas convocaret, et egressa erat obviam viro sancto


Chapter 12: “When the holy man [= St Nilus] was on the point of entering the town [= Capua], all ran out into the streets to get a glance of his venerable face, and to be be part of his blessing.

Among them was a deaconess who had been put in charge of a monastery with her young priest who shone with the strength of his flowering age. She called together the nuns who were in her charge and left the monastery to meet the holy man.”

Location of Capua