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Pontifical of St Blaise

by John Wijngaards

Manuscript reference: Vienna mss pal. 1817

mss written ca. 1150; copied from a Passau Pontifical dating at 1002/1003
Saint Blaise’s Abbey was a Benedictine monastery in the village of St. Blasien in the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Published in: Vetus Liturgia Alemagnae Monasterii St. Blasii, by Gerbert, 1776, Disqu. V. c. 4 p. 505.


Latin English Comment
1. Oratio ad diaconissam faciendam 1. Prayer to make a deaconess 1. The word ‘diacona’ is ancient. Later the word ‘diaconissa’ (deaconness) became common.
2. 2. 2. This pontifical does not contain rubrics.
3. Exaudi, domine, preces nostras, et super hanc famulam tuam spiritum tuae benedictionis emitte ut caelesti munere ditata et tuae gratiam possit maiestatis adquirere, et bene vivendi aliis exemplum prebere. Per. 3. “Hear, O Lord, our petition and send down on this your maidservant the Spirit of your ordination so that, since you have conferred on her your heavenly office, she may obtain favour with your majesty and may present to others the example of a good life. Through. “ 3. The ancient ordination prayer – EXAUDI .
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