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Articles on Women Deacons

*** Ordain Catholic Women as Deacons. by Phyllis Zagano. First published in the Harvard Divinity School Bulletin,  2015 vol. 43, NOS. 3 & 4) republished here with the necessary permissions.

*** The Meaning of Ordination and How Women were Excluded by Gary Macy, NCR Jan 16th, 2013

*** Catholic Women’s Ordination: The Ecumenical Implications of Women Deacons in the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Orthodox Church of Greece, and the Union of Utrecht Old Catholic Churches by Phyllis Zagano, Journal of Ecumenical Studies, 43:1, Winter 2008.

*** Catholic women Deacons: Present Tense by Phyllis Zagano, Theological Studies, 2007

*** Women Deacons – the Fears of Rome, by Phyllis Zagano, The Furrow, Sept., 2003

*** Catholic women Deacons, by Phyllis Zagano, America Feb. 17th, 2003

*** Taking Orders by John N Collins, Eureka (Journal of the Australian Jesuits) Oct. 2002

***  Debate in the Irish Times, 2001

***  Once again, women are being cast out of the Catholic Church   by Angela M Cornyn, Sunday Independent, 15 Oct. 2000

***   Women were Ordained Deacons by John Wijngaards, The Tablet, 8 May, 1999.

***   Letters to the Editor of The Tablet – in response to the above article.

***   Contextualising Dorothea Reininger’s Women Deacons, by John Collins. This is an excellent introduction to the complex issues surrounding the future diaconate of women.

***   The diaconate – a ministry for women in the Church, by Ida Raming, Orientierung 62 (1998).pp. 8-11.

***   Should Roman Catholic Women seek to be ordained Deacons? by John Collins, Ordination of Catholic Women Newsletter vol. 3, no. 1 (April 1996) pp. 5-11.

***  Ministry, Muddle and Mystery, by Clare Watkins, The Way, Supplement, 1995, pp. 80-90.

***  ‘Not to be served, but to serve: women as disciples in Mark’s gospel, by Jenny Dines, The Month, Nov. 1993

***   A Call I Cannot Answer, The Tablet (29 June 1991), by Moya Frenz St Leger

***   Women Deacons: Goodwill Gestures, The Catholic Herald, August 19, 1990, page 5; by Moya Frenz St Leger

***   Women and the Diaconate, The American Ecclesiatical Revue, vol.CLXV No. 3 1971 by Agnes Cunningham

***   Review of “Women deacons in the Orthodox Church :Called to holiness and ministry”, by Dr. Kiriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald.

***   Review of Orthodox Women Speak: Discerning the “Signs of the Times” edited by Kyriaki Karidoyanes Fitzgerald

Related Documents

***   International Network Wives of Deacons, by Nelleke Wijngaards-Serrarens

***   German Catholic Women write to Cardinal Ratzinger

***   Letter to Catholic Women, by John Collins, from Letters to Deacons, 1999.

***   Review of ‘Holy Saturday: An Argument for the Restoration of the Female Diaconate in the Catholic Church’ by Phyllis Zagano, Crossroads 2000.

***   Women and the Liturgy: The Present Paradox, The American Ecclesiastical Revue, vol CLXV No3. 1971 by Sally Cunneen.

***   Phoebe. “I commend to you my sister Phoebe, the deacon of the church at Cenchreae.” Romans 16,1”. Letter to The Tablet by John Wijngaards.