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Sacramentary of Egbert of York

York ca 732

A copy of the original manuscript is found in the Imperial Library, Paris;
published by the Surtees Society as PONTIFICALE ECGBERHTI, London, Nichols & Sons 1853, here p. 94.
Though called a ‘pontifical’ in this publication, it is rather a sacramentary in today’s terminology:
i.e. it contains prayers rather than the full liturgy of masses.


 Latin Text English Translation by John Wijngaards
The latin text provides everywhere alternatives in the plural in case more candidates are being ordained. For the sake of simplicity I omit these alternatives in this translation.
 AD ORDINANDUM DIACONUM  To ordain a deacon
 Diaconus cum ordinatur, circumdetur (vel circumdentur) ejus humerus sinister (vel eorum humeri sinistri) cum stola ab episcopo, et tradat ei (vel eis) sanctum Evangelium, et dicat sibi (vel illis): ‘Accipe (vel accipite) istud volumen Evangelii, et lege (vel legite), et intellege (vel intellegite), et aliis trade (vel tradite), et tu (vel vos) opere adimple. Deinde solus episcopus qui eum (vel eos) benedicit, manus super caput illius (vel illorum) ponat, quia non ad sacerdotium, sed ad ministerium consecratur (vel consecrantur). When a deacon is ordained, the Bishop lays a stole over his left shoulder and hands him the holy Gospel and speaks to him as follows: “Receive this book of the gospel, read it, understand it, and hand it over to others and implement it yourself in deeds.” After that the Bishop alone who is ordaining him imposes his hand on his head because he is not being ordained to the priesthood but to the ministry
 Benedictio ejusdem.  Ordination prayer [lit. ‘blessing’] for the same.
 Oremus, dilectissimi, Deum Patrem Omnipotentem, ut super hunc famulum suum (vel hos famulos suos) , quem (vel quos) in sacrum ordinem diaconatus officii dignatur assumere, benedictionis suae gratiam clementer effundat, eique (vel eisque) donum consecrationis propitius indulgeat, et preces nostras clementer exaudiat, ut suo eum (vel eos) prosequatur auxilio, et sua potius electione justificet, per quod eum (vel eos) ad premia aeterna perducat : auxiliante Domino nostro Jesu Christo, qui cum eo.  Beloved, let us pray that God the Almighty Father may mercifully pour the grace of his blessing [= ordination] over this servant of His whom you deign to receive into holy orders; and kindly grant him the gift of consecration and mercifully hear our prayers so that He may support him with His help and justify his election, and so lead him to eternal rewards, with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ, who with him.
 Alia benedictio Diaconi sive Diaconissae  Another ordination prayer for a male deacon or a deaconess  It is significant that it is identical for both male or female deacons!
 Exaudi, Domine, preces nostras, et super hunc famulum tuum (vel hos famulos tuos) spiritum tuae benedictionis emitte, ut coelesti munere ditatus (vel ditati), et tuae gratiam possit ( vel possint) majestatis adquirere, et bene vivendi aliis exemplum prebere. Per. . .  Hear, O Lord, our petition and send down on this your servant the Spirit of your ordination so that, since you have conferred on him your heavenly office, he may obtain favour with your majesty and may present to others the example of a good life. Through. . . Oldest ordination prayer.

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 Consecratio Diaconi.  Consecration prayer of the deacon
 Adesto, quaesumus, Omnipotens Deus, honorum dator, ordinum distributor, officiorumque dispositor, qui in te manens innovans omnia, et cuncta disponis, per Verbum, Virtutem, Sapientiamque tuam Jesum Christum Filium tuum, Dominum nostrum, sempiterna providentia praeparas, et in singulis quibusque temporibus aptanda dispensas. Cujus corpus aecclesiam tuam crelestium gratiarum varietate distinctam, suorumque connexam distinctione membrorum per legem mirabilem totius compaginis unitam, in augmentum templi tui crescere dilatarique largiris, sacri muneris servitutem trinis gradibus ministrorum nomini tuo militare constituens. Electis ab initio Levi filiis, qui misticis operationibus domus tuae fidelibus excubiis permanentes, hereditatem benedictionis aeternae sorte perpetua possiderent.
(ii) Super hunc (vel hos) quoque famulum tuum (vel famulos tuos) , quaesumus, Domine, placatus intende, quem (vel quos) tuis sacrariis serviturum in officium diaconi suppliciter dedicamus.
(iii) Et nos quidem tamquam homines divini sensus, et summe rationis ignari, hujus (vel horum) vitam quantum possumus aestimamus. Te, autem, Domine, ea quae nobis sunt ignota non transeunt, te occulta non fallunt. Tu cognitor secretorum, tu scrutator es cordium, tu ejus (vel eorum) vitam ccelesti poteris examinare judicio, quo semper praevales et amissa purgare, et ea quae sunt agenda concedere.
(iv) Emitte in eum (vel eos), Domine, quaesumus, Spiritum Sanctum, quo in opus ministerii fideliter exequendi, septiformis gratiae munere roboretur (vel roborentur);
(v) habundet in eo (vel eis) totius forma virtutis, auctoritas modesta, pudor constans, innocentiae puritas, et spiritalis observatio disciplinae : in moribus ejus (vel eorum) praecepta tua fulgeant, ut suae castitatis exemplo imitationem sancte plebis adquirat (vel adquirant), et bonum conscientiae testimonium praeferens, in Christo firmus (vel firmi) et stabilis perseveret (vel stabiles perseverent), dignisque successibus de inferiori gradu per gratiam tuam capere potiora mereatur (vel mereantur). Per…
 (i) Be present we ask you, o Lord, you giver of all good things, distributor of ranks and assigner of tasks, who while remaining true to yourself renews everything and through your word, power and wisdom arranging everything, prepares in your eternal providence Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, and who fixes everything for each unique moment in time; you, who grant that his (Christ’s) body, your Church, grows and extends distinct in a variety of celestial gifts and a difference of its (the Church’s) members by a marvelous law a unity of coherence into an increase of your temple, stipulating that a service of the sacred task through three degrees of ministers serve your name; having chosen from the beginning the sons of Levi to stay in the inner rooms of your house attending to their mystical tasks, so that they might possess the inheritance of eternal blessing through a perpetual fate,
(ii) look down well disposed on this (these) servant(s) of yours whom we humbly dedicate to the ministry of the diaconate to serve your holy spaces.
(iii) We who are, indeed, as human beings not aware of divine perception and supreme reason, we assess, to the extent we can, his (their) life. But things unknown to us do not escap you, o Lord. You do not miss what is hidden. You scrutinise secrets of the hearts. You can examine his (their) life with you heavenly judgment through which you are always able to purge what is missing and allow what needs to be done.
(iv) Send down on his (them) we ask you, o Lord, your Holy Spirit, through whom he (they) be strengthened to fulfil the work of their ministry faithfully with the gift of his sevenfold grace like those whom at the start of the infant Church the apostles joined to themselves as helpers and companions.
(v) May the form of every virtue abound in him (them): restrained authority, constant modesty, the purity of innocence and the observance of spiritual discipline. May your precepts shine in (his) their morals, and may the people through their example of chastity obtain holy imitation. And may he (they) carrying the good testimony of conscience, persevere firm and unshakable in Christ, and may he (they) deserve in worthy steps to proceed from the inferior rank through your grace to higher things (ranks). Through our Lord. . .
 Item collecta ad conservandum diaconatus officii.  Also the collect prayer to preserve the office of the diaconate
 Commune votum, communis oratio prosequatur, et hic (vel hi) totius aecclesiae prece, qui in diaconatus officii ministerio preparatur (vel preparantur), leviticae benedictionis ordine clarescat (vel clarescant), et spiritali conversatione prefulgens, gratia sanctificationis eluceat (vel eluceant). Per. . .  May our common desire and our common prayer become reality, that this person who has been prepared for the ministerial office of the diaconate, through the intercession of the whole church, may excel in the order of his Levitical ordination and stand out through his spiritual life and may shine with the grace of holiness. Through. . .
 Sequitur benedictio.  There follows the blessing.
 Domine sancte, spei, fidei, gratiae, et profectuum munerator, qui in ccelestibus et terrenis angelorum ministeriis ubique dispositis per omnia elementa voluntatis tuae diffundis effectum : hunc (vel hos) quoque famulum tuum (vel famulos tuos) speciali illustrare digneris affectu, ut tuis obsequiis expeditus (vel expediti), sanctis altaribus minister tuus purus adcrescat (vel ministri tui puri adcrescant), et indulgentia purior, eorum gradu, quos apostoli tui in septenario numero, beato Stephano duce ac praevio, Sancto Spiritu auctore, elegerunt, dignus existat (vel digni existant), et virtutibus universis, quibus tibi servire oportet, instructus conplaceat (vel instructi conplaceant).  Holy Lord who gives hope faith grace and the virtues and who, in the heavenly and earthly ministries of angels which are found everywhere through all the elements arrange the effect of your will, please look especially kindly on this your servant so that efficient inyour service he may grow as a pure minister at your holy altar, and being purer by your indulgence may be worth to stand in the rank of those whom your apostles in sevenfold number, with the Blessed Stephen as their leader and model, through the inspiration of theHoly Spirit have elected and may he please you having been supplied with all the virtues with which he must serve you.