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Texts Published in “The Ordained Women Deacons of the First Millennium”

by John Wijngaards

The book is unique in that it publishes many of the crucial texts in English for the first time.
The original sources are manuscripts, that is handwritten texts, usually copied on parchment, that are at present preserved in ancient libraries. The manuscripts that contain the ordination rite for women deacons can be found in such widely distributed archives as the Bodleian Library in Oxford, the national French library in Paris, the Vatican Library in Rome, the national Greek library in Athens, the monasteries of Grottaferrata in Italy and Mount Athos in Greece, and the library of the Patriarchate of Alexandria in Egypt. The same applies to other manuscripts. Apart from being dispersed in so many locations, the original manuscripts are also difficult to read, because the writing on them is in archaic Greek majuscule characters which only experts can confidently decipher. Scholars therefore rely on academic transcriptions of the ancient text into modern Greek script. These scientific publications of the text become the so-called primary sources on which scholars can safely base their work.

For the compilation of these texts the author relied on such primary sources, that is: on their scientific transcriptions. He translated these texts anew from the original Greek wherever the Greek was available – some texts have only come down to us in translation (mainly Syriac and Latin). Obtaining the source books was a real challenge, requiring research in libraries in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Nijmegen and Rome.

Texts published in the book arranged by author

St. Paul
Disciple of St. Paul
Pliny the Younger
St. Clement of Alexandria
The Ecclesiastical Canons of the Apostles
The Didascalia of the Apostles
The Council of Nicea I
Epiphanius of Salamis
St. Basil of Caesaria
St. John Chrysostom
St. Gregory of Nyssa
The Apostolic Constitutions
Ordination rite in the Apostolic Constitutions
Emperor Theodosius
Theodore of Mopsuestia
Theodoret of Cyrrhus
The Council of Chalcedon
The First Synod of Dvin
Severus of Antioch
Code of Emperor Justinian I
Joannes Moschus
The Council of Trullo
Codex Barberini gr. 336
Sinai Codex gr. 956
Codex Grottaferrata G ß 1
Coislin Codex gr. 213
Bodleyan Codex E.5.13
Codex Vaticanus gr. 1872
Cairo Codex gr. 149-104
Xenophon Codex gr. 163.

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