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A Partial List of Women Deacon Saints

as found in the calendar of the Orthodox Church

Location Name of Woman Deacon Feast day
Alexandria St. Domnika January 8
Nyssa, Greece St. Theosebia, wife of St. Gregory of Nyssa January 10
Rome St. Tatiana January 12
Island of Kos St. Xenia, ‘the Merciful’ January 24
Alexandria St. Apollonia February 9
Corinth St. Priscilla February 13
Nazianze, Greece St. Gorgonia February 23
Syria St. Platonida April 6
Rome St. Tryphena April 14
Persia seven women deacon martyrs May 16
Rome St. Junia or Julia May 17
Amnisa, Pontus St. Macrina, ‘the great teacher’ July 19
Constantinople St. Olympias July 25
Constantinople St. Irene ‘of Chrysovalantou’ July 28
Thyatira St. Lydia August 3
Nazianze, Greece St. Nonna, wife of St. Gregory, Bishop of Nazianze August 5
Gaul St. Radegunde August 13
Corinth, Greece St. Phoebe September 3
Padua St. Justina October 2
Antioch St. Poplia ‘Confessor of the Faith’ October 9
Joppa, Syria St. Tabitha October 25
St. Susanna December 15
Rome St. Melania ‘the Younger’ December 31

These data were obtained from Women Deacons in the Orthodox Church, by Kyriaki Karodoyanes FitzGerald. She provides many more details about most of these saints.